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Discussion in 'Cerere Unban' started by W33dinator, May 24, 2018.

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  1. W33dinator

    W33dinator New Member

    Hi, can you please unban me?
    "Trib I Fery" always bans me. It's the third time... I always send screenshots. He is just a noob and he should not be an admin. I really like your server and I want to play there, but often bad players like Trib I Fery ban me. That is annoying!
    Here are my Screeenshots --> https://imgur.com/a/c3Jw1lp
    Thank you!
    Steam Name: W33dinator
  2. mariocp

    mariocp Admin Server Admin Server

    /prounban / hl / Germany/
  3. Rmk.

    Rmk. Admin Server Admin Server

    Language ma' friend.He just check you for suspicious cheats.Chill..
  4. W33dinator

    W33dinator New Member

    Normally I chill. I'm a relaxed person, but Trib I Fery ban me several times... The first time is okay, but then he should maybe remember me :D
    I already hade some friends in Steam Community of your Clan and so on... Maybe checking Steam Page / Steam ID before banning people :)

    Have a good night all!
  5. mariocp

    mariocp Admin Server Admin Server

    I hope you solve it quickly, you Steam and you uploaded the pictures to the forum, I think you are ok.
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    PICASSO Admin Server Admin Server

  7. Kaze

    Kaze Admin Server Admin Server

  8. UtaK

    UtaK Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Sorry for the inconvenience!


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